What's New in Paperless Pipeline

This article lists the latest Paperless Pipeline updates.

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August 29, 2021

Fresh, new look: Pipeline has gotten a facelift! You'll still see all the features you know and love in their same places, but with updated styling, coloring and other modern enhancements. Take a look around to check out all the new feels.

Bump "Calendar Day" due date calculations to the next business day: In addition to automatically calculating task due dates based on calendar days or business days, you can now calculate due dates by calendar days, but bump the due date to the next business day if it falls on a weekend. Select "Calendar Days (due business day)" for any tasks that need that calculation. 

Learn more about Due Date Calculations here →

Send closing package docs or other transaction docs as a single zip file: When sending docs from a transaction, you can now send them as a link to a single zip file. When drafting your message, add yourself or others as a recipient, select the docs you'd like to send, then check "Send docs as a zip file link" before sending. The email will contain a link to the resulting zip file which can be forwarded to share or clicked to download and store.

Learn more about Sending Docs as a Zip File here →

Save up to 8 Transaction List shortcuts: The limit on how many time-saving Transaction List shortcuts you can save has been increased from 5 to 8. Use these shortcuts to store any search or sort you run regularly, then run the search with just a click later. After running a transaction search/sort in Pipeline, click "Shortcut" to save it to your "My Shortcuts" menu.

Learn more about Saving Custom Searches & Sorts here →

Automatically reference the More Info field in messages: The More Info field is now an auto-fill tag available to be inserted into reusable message templates. Adding this or other fields to message templates automatically inserts transaction-specific information from the field into the message whenever the template is used to send a message from a transaction. This allows you to effortlessly create very personal and custom messages with a single click. Most customers build (and share!) libraries of wonderfully elaborate messages using both standard and advanced auto-fill tags.

Learn more about Auto-fill Tags here →
Learn more about Message Templates here →
Learn more about Sharing Message Templates here →

Optional date fields included in transaction downloads: If you've enabled any of the optional transaction date fields / trigger dates from the Company Settings page, those fields will now be included in transaction downloads.

Learn more about Optional Transaction Date Fields / Trigger Dates here →

"Fax/Other" field label renamed: Heads up that the "Fax / Other" field label you used to see in the License/Fax/Other section of Manage User profiles has been changed to "Other (Fax #, Team name, etc.)". Only the label has changed, so you can continue to store fax number or any other info in that field, as desired.

Learn more about Editing User Profiles here →

Admins without Delete permissions can no longer delete docs while merging: Heads up that we've fixed an obscure bug where admins with the "View All Transactions" permission, but without "Delete docs" permissions could elect to "Delete docs after merge" when completing the merge docs process. Without the "Delete docs" permission, they will no longer be able to do so.


Easy access to Total Commission and Lead Source: When managing commissions, you'll now see the Total Commission and Lead Source fields displayed on the left of the page.

Learn more about Managing Commissions here →

June 13, 2021

Filter Usage by Agent Report by date range: Pull your team's Pipeline activity based on any date range you specify. Pre-set date periods still exist to continue to allow you quick and easy access to activity for those common date ranges. 

Learn more about the Usage by Agent Report here →

Prominently display your Admin contact's phone number in Pipeline: Add your main admin's phone number under Company Settings. It will then be displayed prominently on the left menu of the Home page where your agents will have easy access to it and your admin.

Learn more about Admin & Support Contact info here →


Manage off-the-top deductions: Deductions can now be taken off-the-top (OTT) of commissions (before broker/agent splits) when managing commissions on a transaction. This will allow the broker and agent gross commissions to consider those deductions and accurately reflect their true amounts. These OTT deductions can be a flat dollar amount or based on a percentage of sales price or gross commission. Like other deductions, you can set these OTT deduction amounts to have default values or enter them at the time of CDA generation. OTT deductions may be paid to the broker, agents, or external recipients and will be reflected on all appropriate reports.

Learn more about Off-the-Top (OTT) Deductions here →

Client Fee details re-positioned on CDAs: When client fees exist on a CDA, they will now be itemized in the Commission Disbursement Authorization section and reflected as a single payable amount in the Payables section.

Speed switch between $ and % when managing commissions: Love keyboard shortcuts that help you breeze through your input process? When you'd like to change the mode of any $ / % toggle field on the Manage Commissions page, include the symbol when entering the number (e.g., $225 or 75%), and the system will switch modes automatically. Give it a try!

Learn more super user tips & tricks here →

Commission split thresholds updated to be based on Close date: The system will now determine whether a multi-tier commission split threshold has been reached based on the Close date of a transaction rather than the date you're processing the commissions. 

Learn more about managing multi-tier commission splits here →

View CDA status on transaction downloads: Your transaction download reports now include a "Has CDA" column so you can easily see which transactions have had their CDAs generated and help you determine if action needs to be taken. 

Learn more about downloading transaction spreadsheets here →

Escrow/Title contact and company info added to Commissions & Closings report - The Escrow/title company contact information that's present at the top of the page while Managing Commissions is now included as the furthest right column on the Commissions & Closings report. This addition will allow you to more easily sort, filter, and report on commissions data by Escrow/Title company.

Learn more about the Commissions & Closings Report here →

February 28, 2021

No more forgotten attachments: When sending a message from Pipeline, the system will warn you if you've mentioned you'll be attaching a doc but haven't attached one. 


View itemized deductions on key reports: Include a breakdown of deduction amounts on the Agent Income and Commissions & Closings reports by selecting the "Include Deduction Details" option when running the reports. To continue to view deduction totals only, leave the option unchecked.

Learn more about commission module reports here →

Calculate Fees & Deductions based on a percentage: Agent Fees, Client Fees, and Deductions can now be based on a pre-defined percentage. When setting up fees based on a percentage, specify the default amount (if applicable) along with the desired percentage basis for each fee (e.g., sale price, gross commission, distributable commission, etc). When managing commissions on transactions, your specified basis will be used to calculate the fee amount. 

Learn more about managing fees and deductions here →

Auto-calculate sales volume: When there is more than one agent on the side of a transaction, Pipeline can automatically allocate sales volume to match the agents' split of commission. Turn this feature on from the Company Settings page if it fits your company's needs. 

Learn more about managing commissions here →

Run Agent Income report by fiscal year: "Last Fiscal Year" and "Current Fiscal Year" date range options allow you to run the Agent Income report based on an agent's fiscal year. 

Learn more about the Agent Income Report here →

October 14, 2020

Easily identify docs that correspond to completed tasks: Easily spot which doc has fulfilled a task on a transaction. Hover over a task name within a transaction's checklist to highlight the matching doc. In cases where more than one doc may match, utilize versioning in your naming convention or use Pipeline's Document Labels for easy identification of the final doc. 

Learn more about Smart Doc Name Matching here →

September 13, 2020:

Set tasks to only be visible to certain individuals or groups: Let your @mentions control who sees tasks. Our new @mention visibility setting allows you to set tasks to only be visible to the person or people you've @mentioned. Use it along with the other visibility settings to make sure your team only sees tasks intended for them. 

Learn how to Set Task Visibility here →

Make task names easier to read by hiding @mention text: Click the new option to hide @mention text from your task names, keeping them clean and easy to read. The new option appears at the top of your Tasks page and under the checklist gear icon on each transaction.  

Learn how to Hide @mention Text here →

August 6, 2020:

Mark tasks as complete faster: Admins can now check tasks off directly from the Tasks page. The checkbox works the same as it does on transactions. 

Learn how to check tasks on the Tasks page here →

Filter tasks by agents: View only the tasks that belong to a certain agent while managing what they need to complete. Enter the agent's name into the Agent Name field on the Tasks page to work from that ideal list.

Learn more about filtering tasks by agent here →

View transaction tasks in the order they're due: Find the task you're working on faster by using the new [Sort by Date] option. Check the option for the tasks to be ordered by due date on every transaction. Uncheck the option for the list to return to it's default order.

Learn more about sorting tasks by due date here →

Plus other minor fixes and improvements throughout the system.

July 12, 2020:

New Home page steers you where you need to go: Pipeline's new Home page now includes information that will allow you to quickly determine which area needs your greatest attention. Expandable areas allow you to view details that are critical for you to know each time you login to Pipeline.

Learn more about the new Home page here →

Company-wide announcements: Pipeline's new announcement feature allows you to post an announcement to be displayed on the Home page to all the users in your account. The reader can hide the announcement once it has been read, and it will re-appear if the message is updated. Master admins can update the message from the [Company Settings] page. 

Track incoming emails sent to transactions: Quickly identify which transactions have received email messages during your specified time period using the new Email Received search option. 

Save the search as a custom shortcut for regular, easy access from your Home page and Transactions page left menus.

Learn more about creating Custom Shortcuts here →

February 24, 2020

Estimate potential and future revenue in an instant: 

  • The PENDING INVENTORY REPORT allows you to forecast future commissions for specified time periods. It includes sales and commission figures for all your pending transactions, and can be filtered by side, Transaction Label, and date range.
  • The LISTING INVENTORY REPORT allows you to closely monitor the health of your business and track market changes by reporting your listing side inventory for a specified period. The report includes the number of listings, list price volume, and average list price.

Learn more about the Pending Inventory Report here →

Learn more about the Listing Inventory Report here →

December 20, 2019

Download search results to manage transaction data offline: Download spreadsheets of your custom searches and sorts to fully manage and present transaction information, including filtering, sorting, adding totals and subtotals and more. Click the [Download] button on the Transactions page to choose from downloading either displayed fields or all transaction fields.

Learn more about downloading search results here →

Learn fast and easy spreadsheet tips & tricks here →

October 20, 2019

Track More Dates and Use Them to Trigger Checklists: Several new date fields allow you to track important dates on transactions. Enable any of the new fields from your Company Settings page. Once a date is turned on, it will also be available as a trigger date for automatically assigning checklists. 

Learn more about enabling date fields here →

August 13, 2019:

Send Audio Notes & MessagesSave time by speaking your transaction notes and messages instead of typing them. Audio messages allow you to quickly record a note to yourself or send it to others. Record messages from your mobile device when you're on-the-go, from your laptop when you're in the office, or any time.

Learn how to send audio notes & messages here →

April 22, 2019:

Bulk add doc namesWhen setting up Standard Document Names, paste in your list of doc names to save time and minimize errors.

Learn how to bulk add doc names here →

Agent communication of task completionAgents can indicate to admins that they have completed a task by checking the task's checkbox. Tasks checked by agents will display a special indicator which lets both agents and admins know when a task has been completed.

Share checklists with a single actionNeed to send a list of all the tasks on a checklist instead of just one or two? Drag and drop a transaction's entire checklist onto the message area of a note or email to share its tasks.

Learn how to drag and drop checklists here →

March 18, 2019:

Hide completed tasks on transaction checklistsMake checklists cleaner and easier to work with by setting completed tasks to be hidden on transaction checklists. Hidden tasks can be displayed at any time with a single click.

Learn how to hide completed tasks here →  

Customize your Tasks and Unassigned Docs listsDisplay the fields that make the most sense for your workflow, and hide the fields you don't need to see. Removing unneeded fields from these pages will also increase space for the fields you do use.

Learn to show and hide fields here → 

More fields displayed on reports: Several fields can now be viewed on designated Commission Module reports allowing you to analyze commissions and performance more easily. They include:

  •  View Sales Volume on the Commission Summary page
  •  View Listing & Selling Volume on the Commissions & Closings report
  •  View Client Fees on the Agent Commissions report.

Filter Commission Module reports by transaction label: Use the Label filter to report on commission numbers based on transaction type and generate reports that have only the data you need.

Learn more about Transaction Labels here→

January 14, 2019:

On-demand transaction reporting: Build (and save) custom reports that pull the exact transactions you need to see. The Advanced Search area allows you to combine search and filter criteria for all the primary transaction fields, including date fields, saving you the time of manually excluding unneeded transactions. 

Learn more about Advanced Search here →

September 16, 2018:

Track lead sources to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns: Record buyer and seller lead sources on transactions. View a lead source aggregate report. View lead source information on other financial reports.

Learn more about lead sources here →

August 24, 2018:

Customize your message templates with automatic (auto-fill tags): Select from a list of auto-fill tags when creating a message template. The system will automatically replace each tag with the appropriate value from the transaction whenever you use the template to send a note from a transaction. Learn how to use auto-fill tags here →

July 30, 2018:

Copy doc comments to messages in one click: Instantly copy your doc comments into a note or email by dragging them into the message area. Learn how here →

Include contacts when sending a coversheet. Now you can choose whether you'd like contacts to be included when emailing a coversheet from a transaction.

May 16, 2018:


View Transaction Gross Commission and Franchise Fee on Agent Income Report: The Agent Income Report now includes Transaction Gross Commission and Franchise Fee amounts, allowing you to see the total commission produced by the agent before the franchise fee has been deducted.

Apr 1, 2018:

View more information about an agent by hovering over their name on a transaction: Admins can view an agent's start date, license number, and more info by hovering over an agent's name on a transaction. Agents are not allowed to see each other's information by this method.

External recipients of email messages can see and reply to all recipients: When external contacts who receive an email message sent from Paperless Pipeline REPLY ALL to the message, all recipients on the message will now receive the reply. Previously, external recipients were not shown internal recipients of a message and thus could not include them when replying.

Plus dozens of fixes and improvements.

Read the blog post for more info →


Receive assistance with multi-tier commission splits: When entering commission information for a transaction, you will receive a warning if any agent is about to surpass their commission split threshold and needs to be processed on multiple tiers of splits. 

Look up agents' year-to-date and previous month's commission figures: Admins can access agents' YTD and previous month's commission figures directly from the Reports section. Agents will continue to receive their YTD and previous month's commission figures monthly by email for offices that have turned on that setting.

View in-house referral commissions during CDA generation: An agent's in-house referral commission figures will now be included in the YTD totals box displayed on the right hand side during CDA generation.

Plus dozens of little fixes and improvements.

Read the blog post for more info →

Oct 8, 2017:

Format notes and send structured emails from transactions: Format transaction notes and messages with bolded text, italics, bulleted lists, etc. Pipeline now supports the popular and easy-to-learn Markdown formatting method to give you better control over the appearance of your transaction notes.

Private Notes! Keep transaction notes visible only to sender and recipients. When adding a transaction note, you can now mark it as private with a single click. A private note is only shown to its author (i.e. sender) and recipients in the Notes & Sent Emails section of the transaction. Previously, all notes were shown to all users who had access to the transaction.

Copy and paste multiple tasks in one shot when setting up checklist templates: Paste in a list of tasks with one click to save time and minimize errors when setting up checklist templates.

Hide checklist completion percentages from agents to simplify agents' view of transactions: Uncheck the company-wide setting "Show checklist completion percentages to agents" to prevent your agents from seeing checklist completion percentages across their transactions. This can eliminate agents' confusion if the percentages reflect tasks that agents are not able to view.

Plus scores of small improvements.

Read the blog post for more info →


Drill down Commission Summary data: Click figures on the Commission Summary report to see the Pending or Closed Transactions that were used to calculate those figures.

And scores of small improvements.

Read the blog post for more info →

Jun 29, 2017:

Recover deleted docs: Master admins and document deleters can recover docs deleted from transactions as well as unassigned docs. Click the "Deleted Docs" option from the left-hand menu of the transaction or the Unassigned Docs section to locate and download the deleted doc. Then re-upload it to the system if needed. Learn how this works here →

Keep your computer logged in for 7 days: When logging in to Pipeline, you can now select the option called "Stay logged in for 7 days". For security, be sure to only use this option from your own computer and own secure network. Learn more here →

Buyer and Seller email addresses included in transaction downloads: Need to send an email to buyers or sellers? Download transaction spreadsheets to access email addresses of buyers and sellers. Learn how to download spreadsheets here →

Open next/previous document previews with new keyboard shortcuts: Now you can use Shift + ↑ and Shift + ↓ (Shift plus up or down arrow on your keyboard) to quickly open the preview of the previous or next docs when in any document list. 

New high-contrast color theme: Pipeline's new high-contrast color theme offers distinctive lines and colors, helpful for color-blind and visually impaired people. Learn how to apply the new color theme to your account here →

View new offer status right from its original transaction: Hover over a transaction's new offer to instantly see that offer's current status and creation date.

And scores of small improvements.

Read the blog post for more info →


Filter the Pending Commissions Report by acceptance date.

Commission Disbursement Authorizations and Financial Info now saved within monthly backups and downloaded transactions: Monthly backups and downloaded transactions will now include CDAs and all other financial info.

And many small improvements.

Read the blog post for more info → 

April 2, 2017:

Quickly search a transaction's documents: There's a new search option above the documents area of every transaction. Use it to instantly locate a document.

And many more small improvements.

Read the blog post for more info →


Agents can receive a monthly commission report that summarizes their year-to-date and last month's production numbers: Turn this feature on or off from the Admin Settings page using the checkbox "Email monthly production summary to agents".

Generate reports based on any date range: From a report's "period" drop-down list, select the option "Custom Date Range", then specify the desired start and end dates.

Search transactions based on whether they have commission data entered or not: From the Transaction's page, go to the Advanced Search section and use the new "Commissions" filter.

The "Generate CDA" option has been renamed to Manage/Update Commissions: How you enter a transaction's commission data hasn't changed. Just the menu option now appears as either Manage Commissions or Update Commissions.

Rename franchise fee to match your company's naming conventions: If your office pays a franchise fee but calls it by a different name, now you can specify that name.

Read the blog post for more info → 

Jan 24, 2017:

Admins, you can now share your saved message templates with agents. Previously you could only share with other admins.

Easily scan transaction notes: Transaction notes are now shown collapsed. This will make it easier for you to scan them quickly. A green triangle at the right of a collapsed note will let you expand that note. 

Search transaction notes: On the top right corner of the Notes area, there's now a "search notes" box allowing you to quickly locate notes that match a search phrase.

Easily set up standard doc names from tasks and tasks from standard doc names: Now when creating checklist tasks, the system will auto-suggest matching document names. Similarly, when creating standardized document names, you will see matching task names being automatically suggested.

Know if your attached files will be emailed as links or as attachments: Whenever you attach more than 5 megabytes worth of docs to your emails, the system always sends those as downloadable links rather than direct attachments. Now the system will warn you whenever your selected docs will be sent as links.

And several general improvements.

Read the blog post for more info →