Standardized Document Names

Standardizing your company's document names makes it easy for your agents and admins to comply with your company's document naming conventions. When your users add documents to a transaction, they will be able select a predefined standardized doc name.

Short version: 1) From the Admin area, click Document Names. 2) Click [Add Doc Name] to add a new standardized doc name or click the gear next to an existing name, then click [Rename] to edit it.


Define Standard Names for Documents

To define standard names for your documents:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner then "Admin / Settings".
  2. Click Document Names.
  3.  Click [Add Doc Name] to create a new document name. Or, you can click the gear next to any pre-existing name and then click [Rename] to edit the name. Users will be able to choose from these names when they are uploading or assigning docs to transactions.

Standardized document names are not enforced. Users will be able to enter a different name in cases where a standard name is not applicable to a doc. 

Automatically Align Docs with Related Checklist Tasks

Standard Document Names allow you to take advantage of Pipeline's ability to identify the checklist task that corresponds to a document you are working on.

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Paperless Pipeline Pro Webinar: Standard Document Names

In this webinar, we'll go over all the ways Standard Document Names impact how you and your team work and how they can be utilized simply or creatively to save time.


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