Formatting in Pipeline

Pipeline's formatting options enhance the readability, visual appeal, and engagement of your messages, email signatures, and announcements.


Use Pipeline's formatting options to make messages easier to read, more visually appealing, and more engaging. Create headings, highlight important points with bold or italic text, include clickable links, insert a line, or create lists.

Format a Message

Format a message using Pipeline's formatting options. 
Who Can Do This? Anyone can format messages.

To format text in a message:

  1. When composing a message with formatting available, select the text or place the cursor where you want to apply formatting to your text.
  2. Use the formatting options at the top of the message window (described below), then continue composing the message.


To create a heading, select the header text, then click [Aa].

Headings will not be honored if your company has opted to Use minimal formatting for messages. Instead, headings will appear as regular, bold text. Learn more about Minimal Formatting →


To bold text, select it, then click [B].


To italicize text, select it, then click [I].

Horizontal Line

To add a horizontal line, click [Double Arrow].


To link text, select it, then click [Link icon], enter the URL and click [OK].

Bullet List

To create a bulleted list, select the text to bullet, then click [Bullet List icon] .

Number List

To create a numbered list, select the text to number, then click [Number List icon].


To add an emoji, click [Emoji icon], then select the emoji.