Saving Custom Searches & Sorts

Short version: 1) Run your desired transaction search, filter, or sort on the Transactions page. 2) Bookmark the search results page in your browser. 3) Name the bookmark so it's easy to remember. 4) Click the bookmark later when you need to rerun the same search, filter, or sort.

How to Save a Custom Search or Sort

To save a custom search or sort inside Pipeline:

  1. Go to the Pipeline page that contains the list you'd like to be filtered or sorted (e.g., Transactions, Unassigned Docs, Unreviewed, etc.) and perform the search or sort desired.
  2. Bookmark the page. Use your browser's bookmark function to bookmark the page. Here's how to bookmark a web page →

And for easiest access later, make sure your bookmarks toolbar is displayed on your browser so you can easily access your bookmarked Pipeline page with just a single click. 

Displaying the bookmark toolbar is typically an option under your browser's settings menu under "View" or "Bookmarks".

How to Use the Bookmark

To use the bookmark you created:

  1. Click the bookmark whenever you'd like to access your pre-filtered or pre-sorted page.