Managing Key Dates

Use checklist tasks to create reminders for key dates in a transaction, then use @mention to sync those dates to an external calendar.

Set Reminders for Key Dates

Use checklist tasks to create reminders for key dates in a transaction. Reminders can be set for transaction date fields, optional due date fields or even dates that don’t have fields in Pipeline. 

To set up task reminders for key dates:

  1. Add the key date task to a checklist template (e.g. Inspection Due Date)
  2. Assign a relative due date to the task (e.g. Due on Inspection Due Date)

When the checklist template is added to a transaction, users with visibility to that task will receive reminders for that key date.

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Set Key Dates to Sync to Agent Calendars

Use the @mention feature to sync specific key dates to an external calendar (e.g. iCal, Outlook or Gmail). 

To set key dates to sync to an agent’s calendar: 

First: Set  Up @mentions

  1. Make sure all of your agents have the same role (e.g. Agent)
  2. Add an @mention for the role you specified to each key date task you’d like to sync to the agent’s calendar (e.g. “Inspection Due Date @agent”)

Second: Sync Agent Calendars

Have each agent complete the following steps while logged into their Pipeline account:

  1. From the Task page, click [Your @ Tasks] to display only their @mentioned tasks.
  2. Select the desired calendar type to sync the tasks to that calendar.
  3. Complete any steps/questions that follow.

Current and future tasks where the agent is @mentioned (including any key date tasks) will now automatically sync to the agent’s calendar.

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