Send or Add Audio Messages from Transactions

Record quick Audio Messages as an alternative to leaving a voicemail, to add a personalized recording to a transaction, or whenever it's more convenient.

Send or Add an Audio Message

To add or send an Audio Message on a transaction:

  1. Go to the transaction and click [Note / Email] just above the list of documents. 
  2. Click [Audio Message]. The Audio Message recording panel will appear.
  3. Click [Record]. 
  4. Click [Allow] if prompted to allow use of your microphone 
  5. Record your voice message. Messages can be up to 15 seconds long.
  6. Click [Stop] when you'd like to stop recording. You may listen to a playback of your message by clicking [] on the right side of the recording panel. Click [Re-record] to start over and record a new message.
  7. Type in or select your recipients. Alternatively, drag and drop email addresses of contacts (including outside co-op agents) into the external recipients box.
  8. Optionally enter a subject, attached relevant docs, and select any other desired message options.
  9. Click [Send]. The Audio Message will be sent to any specified recipients or added to the transaction as a note if a recipient has not been specified. The message will appear in the Notes & Sent Emails section of the transaction.

    Learn more about Emailing Docs & Notes from Transactions here → 

Listen to a Sent Audio Message

To listen to a previously sent Audio Message on the transaction:

  1. Go to the Notes & Sent Emails section at the bottom of the transaction. 
  2. Click [► ] to play the message.
  3. Click [❚❚] to pause the message.