Document Permission Categories

The permission category assigned to a document determines who can view the document on a transaction. This article lists  the available permission categories and a description of who has visibility to each one.

Who Can View Which Document Categories?

Below is a list of Document Permission Categories and who had visibility to each of them:

  • Office: Visible to office staff
  • Listing: Visible to listing agents and office staff
  • Sale: Visible to listing agents, selling agents, and office staff
  • Buyer: Visible to selling agents and office staff
  • Public: Visible to listing agents, selling agents, and office staff
  • Private: Visible to the user setting the category, as well as office staff

Who Can Assign Document Permissions?

Users with the Assign Documents Permission can assign permission categories that they, themselves are in. This means:

  • Agents can only assign docs to permission categories they have visibility to. Permission categories they do not have visibility to will not appear in the list be selected when assigning a category.
  • Admin/staff can assign documents to any permission category.
“Office Staff” is any user with the “View all transactions” permission for the transaction’s location.