Unlock Admin Superpowers

This article introduces some of the advanced, time-saving features available to admins.


Match Checklist Tasks with Documents

Make Pipeline identify the checklist task that corresponds to a document you are working on. To enable scrolling of checklists:

  1. Open any transaction and click [Enable Checklist Scrolling].  You only need to do this once. Pipeline will remember your choice.

This feature works best when checklist scrolling is enabled.

When you click a document name and that name is contained within a task on the transaction, the task will be highlighted automatically. If you have enabled Checklist Scrolling, that task will also be repositioned so that you can see it easily.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts will save you lots of time while working in Pipeline. Let’s learn about the keyboard shortcuts available in Pipeline. These shortcuts work on Mac and PC.

When a preview is open:

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to page through it. Or type in a page number to jump directly to a page.
  • When previewing a doc in either pop-out or inline modes, pressing Shift + Up-arrow or Shift + Down-arrow will show the previous or next doc preview, if available.


  • Alt-R to mark as reviewed the doc whose preview is currently open.
  • Alt-E to mark it as entered.
  • Ctrl-Shift-Z to jump to the Admin area.
  • Ctrl-Alt-T to add a transaction.
  • Ctrl-Alt-D to upload a doc.

Go to a menu item on navigation bar using Ctrl-Shift- and the position number of the menu, For example:

  • Hit Ctrl-Shift-1 to jump to the Dashboard.
  • Hit Ctrl-Shift-2 to jump to the Transactions page

From a transaction:

  • Ctrl -Alt-N to add a note
  • Ctrl -Alt-E to email docs

Learn more about Keyboard Shortcuts here ➞

Drag and Drop Contacts into Messages

  1. Navigate to the transaction from where you will be sending the message. If you haven’t added the contact to the transaction yet, add it first.
  2. Click [Note / Email] just above the list of documents.
  3. To add the contact as a recipient, click and hold down anywhere on the contact, then drag the contact to the External Email Address field. Drag more contacts if you need to.
  4. To share the contact's full contact information, click and hold down anywhere on the contact, then drag the contact to the Message field. Pipeline will properly format the contact’s information into the message field. Drag more contacts if you need to.
  5. Complete your message and select any desired options or docs to attach.
  6. Once the message is ready to go, click [Send].

Be sure to drop contacts directly onto the Message field to capture their contact info. Dropping them onto the External Recipients field will add them as an external recipient of the message.

Using Dual Monitors

If you regularly review a large number of documents, we recommend setting up two monitors side-by-side. This is called a "dual-monitor setup". Bring up the Unreviewed Docs page on the first monitor, and open an individual doc or transaction on the second monitor for reviewing. This saves you time because you avoid the constant switching between two windows on the same browser (with the dual-monitor setup, both windows stay in your view across the two monitors). Once you have this setup, here's how you'd utilize it:

  1. From the Unreviewed page, click the transaction name of the documents you’d like to review.
  2. The transaction will open in a new window.
  3. Drag the new window to your second monitor. This new positioning will now be remembered when you open more transactions from the Unreviewed page.

This setup also works great for processing multiple transactions one after the other. Open your sorted/filtered transaction list on the first monitor, then open an individual transaction on to the second monitor by shift-clicking the transaction's name and dragging the new transaction window to the second monitor.

Navigating Efficiently Between Transactions

Use the following method when you have a list of sorted/filtered transactions that you’d like to remain intact as you keep processing each individual transaction:

  1. From the Transaction page, Ctrl-Click or Right-click on a transaction name.
  2. Select “Open in new tab”. This will open that transaction in a separate browser tab leaving your main transaction list intact on the original tab.

This feature works especially well when you need to work on several transactions from the list. Open each one in a new tab from your main list. Then work on each tab/transaction one at a time, closing each tab whenever you're done with it.

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