Company Settings

This page contains global settings for your Paperless Pipeline account. Only master admins may view and edit this page.

Company Settings

Company Name

Your company name.

Brokerage License #

Your brokerage's license number.

Document Settings

Only Allow PDF Documents

You can restrict document uploads to PDF docs. PDFs can be rotated, merged, and broken apart right inside Pipeline, saving your agents and admins lots of time. If you allow all document types, non-PDF documents will have these functions disabled. 

To maximize your agents' and admins' efficiency with Paperless Pipeline, we recommend enabling this feature.

Prevent Duplicate Document Uploads

When this feature is turned on, Pipeline prevents your agents' from uploading duplicate documents into the same transaction or the same unassigned document location. 

Admins can still upload duplicate docs.

When checking for duplicates, Pipeline compares the content of docs (vs just the doc names). So adding docs with identical content to an existing doc will be disallowed if this option is checked.

Include Key Dates on Coversheet

Checklist Tasks designated as Key Dates can be automatically displayed on transaction coversheets in the Transaction Key Dates and Milestones section. Learn more about Key Dates →

Email Settings

Email Agents Expiring & Closing Transaction Reminders

Turning this on will automatically email your agents 5 days before a listing expires or a transaction closes.

Email Agents When Admin Comments on Docs

Turning this on will automatically email agents whenever an admin comments on their documents.

Email Monthly Production Summary to Agents

Check this box if you want Pipeline to send a monthly email to each agent with their prior month's and year-to-date production figures such as sales volume and commissions.

Agents can opt out of receiving the reports by unchecking [Receive monthly production summary by email] on their Personal Profile page.

Learn more about the Monthly Production Summary →

Email Admins Agent Anniversary Reminders

Automatically email master admins and location admins (who have "Manage Users" permission) 5 days before each user's Start Date anniversary. Turn this on if agents' commission splits change on their anniversary and you'd like admins to be reminded to update their commission information.

Feature Settings

Enable Reviewed Docs Functionality

Check this box to enable the ability to mark docs as reviewed for compliance purposes (final review typically performed by managing broker). Learn how to Review Documents →

Enable Entered Docs

The "Entered Docs" feature allows admins to keep track of documents that have been entered into an accounting system or any other external system that's part of your transaction management workflow.

If you enable the Entered Docs feature, an [Entered] checkbox will be shown on transaction documents. You can then mark documents as [Entered] after you have added them into your accounting system such as Quickbooks or Lonewolf.

Learn more about Entered Docs →

Enable New Offer

Check this option to enable the ability to duplicate existing transactions through the [New Offer] option of a transaction.

Learn more about New Offers →

Checklist Settings

Show Checklist Completion Percentages to Agents

If checked, agents will be shown the checklist completion percentages of their transactions. If unchecked, only admins will see those completion percentages.

Hide Completed Tasks in Transaction Checklists

Check this box if you want to hide completed tasks from all transaction checklists. When completed tasks are hidden, you still have the option to unhide them by clicking the "Show completed tasks →" text at the bottom of any checklist with completed tasks.

Learn More About Hiding Completed Tasks from Transaction Checklists →

Financial Settings

Use Start Dates of Agents to Determine Fiscal Years for Year-to-date Calculations

This option is only available on accounts that have the Reporting Module turned on. Check this box if you want Pipeline to use your agents' start dates in YTD calculations. If an agent does not have a start date defined, the calendar year will be used in that agent's YTD calculations. 

Uncheck this box to use calendar years in YTD calculations.

Use Agent's Commission Split to Calculate Sales Volume

When this box is checked, sales volume will be automatically allocated to match the agents' split of commission. This is especially helpful when there is more than one agent on a side.

Broker Name for Commission Disbursement 

Customize the Broker payable name listed on the Commission Disbursement Authorization. If your brokerage's share of the commission should be made payable to name other than your Company Name, enter the Broker Name here. Leave blank to use your Company Name.

Transaction Settings

Enable Auto-expiration of Listings

Check this if you need Pipeline to automatically expire transactions in the listing status if they haven't been changed to pending or another status by their expiration date. When Pipeline automatically expires such transactions it will change their status to the Expired/Withdrawn status and will remove the expiration date.

Learn More About Expiration Date Options  →

Require Transaction Label

Check this if you want the system to require a label on every transaction. This setting will only be enforced if you have pre-defined at least one transaction label.

Leave this box unchecked if you want transaction labels to be optional.

Learn More About Creating and Using Custom Transaction Labels →

Allow Agents to Change Transaction Status to Closed, Terminated, and Expired

Uncheck this box if you only want office admins to close and terminate transactions.

When this box is not checked, agents with the permission to change transaction status will not be able to change transactions to Closed, Terminated or Expired. 

Learn More About Managing Agents' Ability to Set Transaction Status to Closed, Terminated, and Expired →

When this box is checked, agents with the permission to change transaction status will be able to change transactions to all statuses including Closed, Terminated, and Expired.

Only Include Completed Transactions in Monthly Backups

Check this box to include only Closed, Fell Through, and Expired transactions in your company's monthly backups.

Learn More About What's Included in Monthly Backups →

Transaction Name Instructions

Add transaction naming instructions to this field to be shown to agents and admins when they are creating or editing a transaction. Leave empty to use Pipeline's default instructions.

Pre-filled Default Value for "More Info" Field of Transaction

You may specify company-wide default/placeholder information to be automatically inserted into the More Info field of all new transactions.

Learn More About Setting Default Values for the More Info Field →

Pre-filled Default Value for "Admin Info" Field of Transaction

You may specify company-wide default/placeholder information to be automatically inserted into the Admin Info field of all new transactions. Information contained in the Admin Info field will only be visible to admins who can view the transaction.

Optional Transaction Date Fields / Checklist Trigger Dates

Enable Optional Transaction Date Fields

Several optional dates can be enabled on the Company Settings page to be used on transactions and in other areas of the system.

  • Inspection Due Date
  • Inspection Date
  • Loan Approval Due Date
  • Loan Approval Date
  • Appraisal Due Date
  • Appraisal Date
  • Earnest Money Due
  • Earnest Money Deposit
  • Option Period End Date

To enable an optional date field:

  1. Check the desired date’s checkbox to enable it.
  2. Click [Save Settings] to save your changes.

The following features will become available for each enabled date:

Welcome Message Settings

New User Welcome Email Subject

Enter a custom subject line for your company's welcome email. The subject will be used whenever a user is sent a welcome email.

New User Welcome Email Message

Enter a custom message for your company's welcome email. The user's login information will automatically be appended below your message. The message will be used whenever a user is sent a welcome email.

Admin & Tech Support

Support Name

Name of the support staff shown on your users' Home page. Leave empty to default to the master admin's name.

Support Email

Email address of the support staff shown on your users' Home page. Leave empty to default to the master admin's email address.

Support Phone

Phone number of the support staff shown on your users' Home page. 

Home Page Announcement


Post an announcement to appear on the Home page for all users in your account when they login. Users may hide an announcement once they've seen it.

Remove the announcement from this field once you'd like it to be removed from the Home page. Newly added/updated announcements will be shown (unhidden) for all users, even if they have hidden a previous announcement.

You can use markdown to add bold text, italic text, and links.

Only master admins may post a Home page announcement.


Color Theme

To adjust the color of the left menu for your company's account, choose Light Theme or Dark Theme.

Company Logo

Upload a Company Logo. Your logo must be a .jpg or .png file. Your image will automatically resize to fit 195px wide by 85px tall. 

Your Company Logo will be displayed on the Home page and transaction coversheets. For offices subscribed to the Commission Module, it will also show on Commission Disbursement Authorizations and commission statements.