Commission & Reporting Module: Getting Started

Learn how to activate Paperless Pipeline's Commission Module. 


The Commission Module is an add-on module within Paperless Pipeline that allows you to calculate agent & broker commissions, generate financial and production reports, give agents access to commission statements and reports, and more. Activate a free trial of the Commission Module to see if it meets your office's needs.

Learn more about Pipeline's Commission Module here  →

Who Can Do This?

Only master admins can activate and set up Commission Module.

How To

Activate Commission Module on your Pipeline Account

To activate Commission Module:

  1. Go to Admin / Settings by clicking your name in the upper right corner, then [Admin / Settings].

  2. From the Add-On Modules section of the left menu, select [Commission Module].
  3. Click [Start free trial →].
  4. Click [Activate] to start a free 30-day trial of the Commission Module.  
  5. Set up and use Commission Module (learn more below).

If you've already utilized a free trial period of the Commission Module, you can still activate the module by clicking [Add the commission module →].

You must be a master admin on your company's account to activate the Commission Module.

Set Up Commission Module 🎥

This video will walk you through setting up Commission Module from beginning to end. Learn how to Set Up Commission Module here →


Use Commission Module 🎥

This video will walk you through using Commission Module from beginning to end. Learn how to Use Commission Module here →


If you do not see the option to Manage Commissions on a transaction, make sure you:
  • are a master admin or have admin-level financial permissions
  • have at least one In-house Agent (that is not an Assistant) is added to the transaction
  • have activated Commission Module (as described above). 
  • have set up Commission & CDA Settings for the transaction's Location. Learn how to Set Up Commission & CDA Settings →