Creating & Managing Reusable Note/Email Templates

Save time by reusing frequently sent messages using the Message Templates feature.

Short Version: 1) Open the transaction. 2) Click "Email/Note". 3) Compose the message and select its recipients. 4) Check the option "Save this message as a reusable template". 5) Name the template for later recall. 6) Click [Send].


Save a Template for Reuse

To save a message for later reuse as a template:

  1. Go to the transaction and click [Note / Email] just above the list of documents.
  2. Compose your message.
  3. Select "Save this message as a reusable template" from the Options section.
  4. Name your template.
  5. Click [Send].

Sharing Templates

Note and email templates are shareable between admins. Shared email templates will appear in the Saved message templates dropdown list of other admins' shared templates. 

Learn How to Share an Email Template →

Reusing Saved Templates

Saved message templates will appear in the [Saved Message Template] dropdown list whenever you're sending a new message.

  1. Select a template to instantly populate the message and subject fields with previously saved values.
  2. Review and revise the message if needed and attach relevant docs.
  3. Click [Send].

Managing Message Templates

Create, edit, and delete existing templates from the email template management area.


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