Search A Transaction's Activity History

Search a transaction's Activity History to find specific activity based on the type of update, the person who made it, or the time period. Use the Transaction History to verify a particular action or gain insight into what's happened on the transaction since it was created.
Who Can Do This? Agents and admins can view and and search the history of activities (relevant to their permissions) on transactions they have access to view.

To search a transaction's activity history:

  1. Go to a transaction.
  2. Click [Transaction History] from the left menu.
  3. Set your desired search options and complete your search:

• Search for specific text by typing it into the Search field.

• Click [] to search by Type, User, and Date Range (described below).


To search by the specific Action Type(s), select the Type dropdown menu, then select the Action Type(s).

• Docs includes any activity related to documents, including when they were uploaded, assigned, broken apart, emailed, commented on, etc.

• Notes includes any activity related to Notes and Emails.

• Checklists includes any activity related to checklists and tasks, including adding, updating, removing, and checking off tasks.

• Transactions includes any activity related to updates made to transaction fields as well as any changes made to Contacts.


To search by User, select the User dropdown menu, then select a UserOnly users who have made updates on the transaction will be available to select.

Date Range

To search by a specific Date Range, select the Start Date and End Date for your desired time period.