Agent Fees

Agent Fees

Agent Fees are fees paid to the brokerage from an agent's commission.


Tasks that have been checked by an agent to indicate the agent has completed the task and it's awaiting admin approval.


Buying Agent

A Buying Agent is an agent added to the Buying Side of a transaction.



Checklists help a team keep track of tasks and required documents within a transaction. Checklist tasks can be assigned to certain roles and can have both absolute due dates and due dates relative to other key dates.

Client Fees

Client Fees

Client Fees are fees paid by buyers or sellers outside of normal commissions. Client Fees can be paid directly to the brokerage or agent on the transaction.

Commission Disbursement Authorization

Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA)

The Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA) is automatically generated when you manage commissions on a transaction. The CDA document instructs the Title Company, Escrow or Closing Attorney on how to disburse commission for a transaction.

Commission split threshold

A commission split threshold represents the dollar amount at which an agent’s commission generated for the brokerage should result in a commission split change.




Deductions are fees that can be taken off-the-top before the broker-agent split or paid directly from the broker or agent share of commission.


Listing Agent

A Listing Agent is an agent added to the Listing Side of a transaction.


Office Staff

Office Staff refers to master admins and admins with permission to "View all transactions" in a transaction's Location.

Optional Transaction Date Fields

Optional Transaction Date Fields can be enabled from the Company Settings page. Optional Transaction Date Fields include Inspection Due Date, Inspection Date, Loan Approval Due Date, Loan Approval Date, Appraisal Due Date, Appraisal Date, Earnest Money Due Date, Earnest Money Deposit Date, and Option Period End Date



A user's role is set by an admin on a user's profile in Manage Users (e.g., Office Staff, Agent, Transaction Coordinator, Admin). Roles can be @mentioned on tasks in order to highlight or assign tasks to a group.



Tasks are items on a checklist that help a team keep track of required documents and other deliverables for a transaction. Tasks can be assigned to certain roles and can have both absolute due dates and due dates relative to other key dates.


A transaction in Paperless Pipeline is the container for all things (docs, notes, checklists, contacts, financial info) related to a real estate transaction in your office. A transaction normally progresses through several statuses until it is closed or terminated.

Transaction Label

Transaction Labels identify a transaction's property type (e.g., Rental, New Construction, Commercial, Single-family Residence, Office space, etc.) and provide an additional level of classification on transactions allowing you to set up automations and perform custom searches based on property type.