Admins include master admins and location admins. Learn more →

Agent Fees

Agent Fees

Agent Fees are fees paid to the brokerage from an agent's commission.


Agent-checked Tasks are tasks that have been checked by an agent to indicate the agent has completed the task and it's awaiting admin approval.



Anyone refers to any users added to a company's Paperless Pipeline account.


Buying Agent

A buying agent is an agent added to the Buying Side of a transaction.



Checklists help admins and agents stay in compliance by tracking Tasks that need to be completed on a transaction. Tasks are items on a Checklist that represent documents or actions that need to be uploaded or completed.

Client Fees

Client Fees

Client Fees are fees paid by buyers or sellers outside of normal commissions. Client Fees can be paid directly to the brokerage or agent on the transaction.

Commission Disbursement Authorization

Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA)

The Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA) is automatically generated when you manage commissions on a transaction. The CDA document instructs the Title Company, Escrow or Closing Attorney on how to disburse commission for a transaction.




Deductions are fees that can be taken off-the-top before the broker-agent split or paid directly from the broker or agent share of commission.


Email Signature

Email Signatures are conveniently added to the bottom of each message you send, eliminating the need for you to add one manually. You can customize your email signature to align with your unique style and professional brand. Learn more →


Home Page Announcement

Home Page Announcements are located at the top of each of your team members' Home page. They can be posted by admins to share important company news and training updates or add some fun to the workday. Learn more →


Listing Agent

A listing agent is an agent added to the Listing Side of a transaction.


Maildrop Addresses

Maildrop addresses are dedicated personal email addresses agents and admins can use to send messages and docs into Paperless Pipeline. Learn more →

Master Admin

Master Admin

Master admins have all possible User Permissions and full access to and authority over all data within a company's Pipeline account. Learn more →


Next Commission Split Threshold

Next Commission Split Threshold

Next Commission Split Threshold tracks the commission amount agents must generate for the brokerage before moving to the next tier in their multi-tier commission plan. Learn more →


Office Staff

Office Staff refers to master admins and admins with permission to View all transactions in a transaction's Location.

Optional Transaction Date Fields

Optional Fields are additional prebuilt transaction fields that can be enabled on your company's transactions, allowing your team to keep track of additional information that is not included on transactions by default. Learn more →



A user's Role is set by an admin on a user's profile in Manage Users (e.g., Office Staff, Agent, Transaction Coordinator, Admin). User Roles can be @mentioned on tasks in order to highlight or assign tasks to a group.



Tasks are items on a Checklist that represent documents or actions that need to be uploaded or completed. Automate and optimize Tasks by using @Mention to highlight them, Relative Due Dates to automatically set due dates, Task Visibility to enforce privacy and reduce clutter, Key Dates to designate important timeline dates, and Agent-editable Due Dates to allow agents to change specific deadlines.


A Transaction is the container for all things (docs, notes, checklists, contacts, financial info) related to a real estate transaction in your office. A Transaction normally progresses through several statuses until it is closed or terminated.

Transaction Flags

Transaction Flags

Use Transaction Flags to automatically highlight and identify transactions that are most important to you. Learn more →

Transaction Label

Transaction Labels identify a transaction's property type (e.g., Rental, New Construction, Commercial, Single-family Residence, Office space, etc.) and provide an additional level of classification on transactions allowing you to set up automations and perform custom searches based on property type.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure that adds an additional layer of protection to your account. It requires users to provide an additional security code sent to their email before gaining access. Learn more →



VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network". How-To Geek explains what a VPN is →


Welcome Email

Welcome Email

Welcome Emails may be sent by admins to new users. Learn more →