Document Permission Categories

Standardized Document Names

Managing and Using Doc Labels

Set Up and Manage Reference Docs & Links

Download and Use Reference Docs & Links

Send Reference Docs & Links from a Transaction

Receive Notifications when Documents are Added to Transactions

Understanding Maildrop Addresses

Finding Your Maildrop Address

Upload a Doc

Bulk Apply Unassigned Doc Labels

Color-coded Custom Labels in Unassigned Docs

Assign a Doc to a Transaction

Managing and Storing Docs

Break Apart Docs

Managing Break Apart Templates

Merging Docs

Managing Comments on Docs

Drag and Drop Doc Comments to Notes

Reviewing Documents

Managing Unreviewed Docs

Entered Docs

Sort Transaction Docs by Document Label

Remember the Last Sort Order of Transaction Docs

Recover Docs Deleted from Transactions and Unassigned Docs

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