Understanding Checklists and Tasks

Checklists help admins and agents stay in compliance by tracking tasks, due dates, and required documents within a transaction. Each checklist contains a set of tasks. This article explains how checklists and tasks may be used to support your office’s workflow.

Summary: How Checklists and Tasks Work

Checklists are Paperless Pipeline’s way of tracking tasks that need to be completed on a transaction. Checklist templates are set up by an admin for use across the company's transactions. Templates are typically defined with relative due dates and rules that determine who can see them. These template-level attributes save admins the time of having to define due dates and visibility on each transaction’s checklist individually. Once a checklist template has been set up, it can be added to transactions either manually or through powerful automatic rules.

Once a checklist is added to a transaction, admins can add, remove, or modify individual tasks on the checklist to suit the transaction. 

Checklist items with due dates are listed on the Tasks page where they can be managed across all transactions. Users who have subscribed to be notified about upcoming and overdue tasks will receive a daily reminder email containing tasks that are upcoming and overdue.

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What Are Tasks?

Tasks are the items on checklists that help agents and admins track what needs to get done on a transaction. Tasks can represent documents that need to be uploaded or actions that need to be completed. 

Tasks are defined within checklist templates in the admin area of Pipeline. They can be given due dates and be set to be visible to agents or admins. Specific users and roles can be @mentioned on a task to highlight the task for that person/people wherever they see the task. 

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Once an admin sets up tasks with the appropriate attributes (e.g., due date, visibility restrictions, @mention), the task serves as an automatic reminder and tracking tool for managing what needs to get done on a transaction.

Who can Manage Tasks?

Checklists provide admins the ability to track whether necessary tasks have been completed on transactions. Therefore, admins are the ones responsible for managing tasks and checking off completed ones.

Once an agent completes a task and an admin is notified about the task completion, the admin verifies the task’s deliverables and marks it as complete.

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Who Can View Tasks?

Admins can use the Task Visibility feature to define whether a task can be seen by only admins, by listing agents, by selling agents, or by any agents of a transaction. Users see their visible tasks on individual transactions, on the Tasks page, and in daily reminder emails.

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Setting Up Reusable Checklist Templates

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Adding a Checklist to a Transaction

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Managing Tasks

The Tasks page displays all checklist items with a due date across all transactions. Tasks are sorted by date due with the most overdue tasks appearing first. The Tasks page includes several filtering and sorting options making this page ideal for identifying and prioritizing tasks that need to be completed on all transactions.

Task Reminders

When a task is either overdue or due within the next day, that task will be included in a daily reminder email to relevant users. This automatic reminder makes the Tasks feature a simple, hands-free method of ensuring compliance and helping agents and admins get their tasks done.

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