Add a Checklist to a Transaction

Checklists are a great way to help your team keep track of tasks and required documents for a transaction. This article will show you how to add a checklist to a transaction.

Short Version: 1) Open a transaction. 2) Click "Add Checklist" from the left column. 3) Select the desired checklist.


Add a Checklist

Let Pipeline automatically add checklists to transactions based on status, label or side. Learn more here: Automatically Assign Checklists to Transactions → 

To add a checklist:

  1. Go to the transaction and click [Add checklist]  from the left menu.
  2. Select the desired checklist template from the dropdown list. The selected checklist will be copied to the transaction and may be further modified if needed.
  3. Add more checklists by selecting them from the same dropdown list.

Checklists can be collapsed and expanded by clicking the plus and minus icons, rearranged by dragging them to a different position, and removed by hovering over the list and clicking ‘X’.

Admin Checklist Abilities

Admins who have permission to manage checklists can perform more operations. To change who will have access to view and receive reminders about a task:

  1. Hover over the task and click the [Eye].
  2. Select the appropriate visibility option.
  3. Click [Set Task Visibility].

Edit Due Dates

To edit the due date on a task, decide whether you want the due date to be an absolute due date - like Tuesday April 12th - or a relative due date, which is a due date that is relative to certain trigger activities. To set a relative due date:

  1. From a Checklist, click the [Calendar] and select "Relative Date".
  2. Enter the appropriate values to build your rule.
  3. Click [Set Date Rule]. These date rules will be resolved into actual dates whenever the date for the defined trigger activity is present on the transaction.

New Tasks and Editing Checklists

To add new tasks to a checklist:

  1. Click “Add Doc Name or Task”.
  2. Type in the task.
  3.  Click [Save].

Mark a Task as Complete

To mark a task as completed:

  1. Check the box on its left. This will also update the completion percentage of the transaction. 

Agents will typically notify an admin when a task has been completed so that the admin can return to the transaction to verify things and mark that task as completed.

Change a Checklist's Title

To change the title of a checklist:

  1. Hover over the checklist and click the [Pencil]. 
  2. Make the desired changes then save. 

Remember: you’ll have to first open an existing transaction’s page or create a new transaction before adding a checklist to it.

Delete a Checklist From a Transaction

To delete a checklist from a transaction:

  1. Hover over the checklist and click the [X] that appears to the right of the checklist.
  2. Confirm the deletion of the checklist by clicking [Delete].