Enable or Disable Scrolling on Checklists

Checklist scrolling allows checklists to scroll independently of the main page, allowing you to control which tasks or which part of your main page is displayed at any given time. Being able to independently scroll checklists is useful when you have a long list of tasks and for dragging tasks to messages. Also, checklist scrolling must be enabled for doc-to-task name matching (Smart Checklists) to work. This article describes how to enable or disable checklist scrolling. . 


Enable Checklist Scrolling

To enable checklist scrolling:
  1. From a transaction, click the Checklist Scrolling checkbox  located above the checklists. This will enable independent checklist scrolling.
  2. Uncheck the Checklist Scrolling checkbox to disable independent checklist scrolling.

Checklist scrolling must be enabled for doc-to-task name matching (Smart Checklists) to work. Learn how Smart Checklists work here-->

Disable Checklist Scrolling

To disable checklist scrolling:

  1. From a transaction, uncheck the Checklist Scrolling checkbox to disable independent checklist scrolling.