Why Can't Agents Change Some Fields on Their Transactions?

Once a transaction has been created and saved, only certain fields may be edited by agents based on general system security as well as on the permissions granted to them by an admin.

Editable Fields

Agents are able to edit certain fields depending on their permissions. If the user is the creator or an agent on a transaction, they can modify the following fields only if the transaction is in an active, listing, or pending status.

  • More information
  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • List price
  • Sale price
  • Commission Summary
  • Listing Date (only if agent is creator of the transaction and transaction is in an active or listing status)
  • Transaction Label (only if agent is creator of the transaction and a label has not yet been assigned and transaction is in an active or listing status)

If the user has permission to change transaction statuses, they can additionally edit:

  • Transaction Status
  • Close date
  • Expiry date
  • Acceptance date
  • Listing Date

If an account has been set to disallow agents from changing transaction status to a closed state, agents will not be able to change a transaction's status to a closed, expired, or fell through status, regardless of their permissions. 

For security and administrative reasons, all other fields below need to be edited by an admin:

  • Transaction Name
  • MLS/Transaction Number
  • Transaction Label
  • Commission Amount
  • Location (editable by master admin only)

Adding and Removing Agents

The ability to add or remove agents, including outside(co-op) agents, depends on whether a user has the permission: Change listing/selling agents of own transaction. If the agent has that permission, they can add or remove agents on their own transactions as long as the transaction is in a pre-pending status. Agents can not add or remove agents once a transaction has reached pending status or beyond.