Does Paperless Pipeline offer an API?

Paperless Pipeline offers two API (Application Programming Interface) options:

    1)  Single Sign-On (SSO) and
    2) Integration with other systems via Zapier (a third party application that connects separate systems)

In this article, you’ll learn what each option offers and how to set them up.

Paperless Pipeline's SSO API

Paperless Pipeline’s SSO API allows a user in your account to automatically log into Pipeline without having to go through the login process. This SSO API security authenticates users with the click of an icon instead of requiring them to enter their login credentials each time. 

Click here for a PDF guide on setting up a SSO API→

Integrating with Other Systems via Zapier

Connect Paperless Pipeline to your Accounting, CRM, and thousands of other business software tools via Zapier. Zapier serves as an interface between applications allowing information to be shared and automating parts of your business or life. 

Using Zapier with Paperless Pipeline allows you to automatically send transaction information from Pipeline to other systems to automate your workflow.

Here’s what Paperless Pipeline customers are already doing with Zapier:

  • When a Transaction closes in Paperless Pipeline, a bill is automatically created in Quickbooks.
  • When a transaction is created in Paperless Pipeline, the transaction details are automatically sent to a CRM.
  • When a Transaction closes in Paperless Pipeline, all transaction data is sent to a Google Sheet to create custom reports automatically.
  • And hundreds of other cases where a transaction’s status change causes data to be sent automatically to other powerful systems.

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