Managing Checklist Templates

Checklists are a great way to help you and your team keep track of tasks and required documents within a transaction. Below, you'll learn how to create checklists and use them to track progress in your transactions.

Checklist templates

1. Click [ADMIN/SETTINGS] to access the Admin page.

2. Select [CHECKLIST] on the left menu.

Checklist templates

Add a template

To add a new checklist template, choose [ADD TEMPLATE].

Add a template

Create tasks

1. Select a location, give the checklist a title, then add tasks. You can include as many individual tasks as you'd like on a template and add more tasks by choosing "+Add more tasks".

2. When you're finished, choose [SAVE TEMPLATE]. 

Create tasks

Add relative due dates

Instead of manually specifying absolute due dates, you can define relative due dates based ona transaction’s acceptance, close, and creation date.

1. Click the [calendar icon] to add a relative due date.

2. Select a trigger date and time frame relative to that date.

3. Choose [Set Date Rule] to save.

These date rules will be applied every time the checklist is added to a transaction in the future.

Add relative due dates

Edit checklist templates

Once you've added a template to a transaction, any edits made on that specific checklist are not applied back to the template.

To edit a checklist template, click the [GEAR] icon and choose "Edit Template".

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Reorder tasks: To reorder tasks, hover to the right of the task until a hand appears. Click, drag, and drop the task to the appropriate place on the list.
  • Change due date: Change a task's due date by clicking the calendar icon.
  • Remove due date: Remove a due date by clicking the calendar icon and selecting [Remove Date Rule].

Delete checklist templates

You can delete unwanted checklist templates by  click the [GEAR] icon and choose "Delete".

Deleted checklist templates will not be removed from transactions.

Automatically Assign Checklist Templates to Transactions

Checklist auto-assignment saves time for your admins and makes your transaction management workflow more reliable.

For more details, check out: Automatically Assign Checklist Templates to Transactions >>