Setting Task Visibility (Task Assignment)

Specify task visibility by user-type to define ownership and responsibility for tasks, add an extra layer of privacy, organize tasks more effectively, and eliminate involvement of users not responsible for tasks.

Access Checklist Templates

Admins can control the visibility of tasks on checklist templates. Let's see how.

1. Click [ADMIN/SETTINGS] to access the Admin page.

2. Click [CHECKLIST TEMPLATES] from the left menu.

Access Checklist Templates

Add Templates

1. Click the name of the template you would like to edit or click [ADD TEMPLATE] to create a new template. For instructions on creating checklist templates see: Add a Checklist Template >>

2. Click the [EYE] icon to edit a task’s visibility.

3. Select the desired user type who is allowed to see this task and click [SET TASK VISIBILITY].

4. Save the updated template.

Now when this checklist template is applied to transactions, the visibility of its tasks will be carried over to those transactions.

Add Templates

Set Visibility

To set visibility on a task that’s already on a transaction:

1. Go to the transaction and click the [EYE] icon for the desired task.

2. Select the desired user type, and click [SET TASK VISIBILITY].

3. Save the updated template.

Visibility settings determine the tasks that users are able to see on their transactions. If such tasks have due dates defined, users will see them on their Tasks page. Users will also receive daily emails notifying them of their overdue and upcoming tasks.