Creating and Using Custom Transaction Labels

This article will show you how to use custom transaction labels to categorize your transactions. Use them to mark a transaction as a rental, sale, commercial listing, residential listing, condominium, office space, parking lot, etc. You can also filter and search transactions based on labels.


Add a Label

To define transaction labels for your company:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner then "Admin / Settings".
  2. Click [Transaction Labels] from the left menu.
  3. Click [Add Label].
  4. Enter the name for this label then save it.

Rename an Existing Label

To rename an existing label:

  1. Click the gear and select [Rename].
  2. Type in the new name.

Apply Labels to Transactions

To apply a label to a transaction:

  1. Create or edit the transaction and select the desired label.
  2. Save the transaction.

If you currently use the status field instead of the label field to determine what property type or other categorization a transaction is, we strongly recommend converting to use labels instead. It will eliminate agent confusion and errors and make for a much cleaner and intuitive experience.

Using Transaction Labels to Auto-assign Checklists

Transaction Labels can also be used to help define when a checklist should be automatically assigned to a transaction. Learn more about auto-assigning checklists based on status, transaction labels, and/or sides here: Automatically Assign Checklist Templates to Transactions →