Lead Sources Report

The Lead Sources Report provides a breakdown on the number of closed transactions, commission, and the sales volume generated by each lead source.

Download a Lead Sources Report

To generate a Lead Sources report:

  1. Click [Reports] from the top menu. 
  2. Click [Lead Sources] from the Financials section of the left menu.
  3. If your company has more than one Location in Pipeline, select your desired Location from the dropdown list. By default, Company-wide will be selected. 
  4. Choose your desired Closing Period range from the drop down menu. By default, Last Month will be selected.
  5. Select any desired optional filters. Choose from the remaining optional filters (Status, Side, and/or Label) to determine which transactions will be included in the report.
  6. Click [Download Report].

Read the Report

To read the downloaded Lead Sources report:

  1. Open the document from the saved location on your computer. 

To rank the lead source performance of a specific stat, sort the downloaded report by that column in your spreadsheet software. Learn more Spreadsheet Superpowers for Your Pipeline Reports  →