Commission & Reporting Module: Getting Started

Learn how to activate, setup, and use Paperless Pipeline's Commission Module. 

As of 4/2/17, the "Generate CDA" option has been renamed to Manage/Update Commissions


The Commission Module is an add-on module within Paperless Pipeline that allows you to calculate agent & broker commissions, generate financial and production reports, give agents access to commission statements and reports, and more. Activate a free trial of the commission module to see if it meets your office's needs.

Who Can Do This?

Only master admins can activate and setup Commission Module.

How To

Activate Commission Module on your Pipeline Account

To activate Commission Module:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner then [Admin / Settings].
  2. From the Add-On Modules section of the left menu, select [Commission Module].
  3. Click [Start free trial →].
  4. Click [Activate] to start with a free 30-day trial of the Commission Module.  
  5. Click [Schedule free setup call] to schedule a FREE one-on-one setup call to meet your office's exact commission needs fast.

Learn more about Pipeline's Commission & Reporting module here →

If you've already utilized a free trial period of the Commission Module, you can still activate the commission module by clicking [Add the commission module ➡].

You must be a master admin on your company's account to activate the Commission Module.

Setup Commission Module 🎥


Use Commission Module 🎥


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q: I don't see the Manage Commissions option on the left panel of my transaction. What's wrong?
  • A: Check the following:
    • Have you activated the Commission Module on your account yet? If you haven't, see above.
    • Have you set up the CDA configuration on the location in which that transaction resides? If you haven't, see this video that shows how to set it up.
    • Have you already managed commissions for that transaction? If a CDA has already been created for the transaction, Update Commissions will appear on the menu instead of Manage Commissions.  Click [Update Commissions] to revise any information and generate a new CDA. 
    • There must be at least one inside agent assigned to the transaction (that is not marked as an assistant).