Viewing Closed, Expired & Canceled Transactions

Use the methods below to view closed, expired, and canceled transactions hidden by default (in order to reduce clutter).

Method 1: Search for Closed Transactions

To search for a specific transaction:

  1. Enter information you know about the transaction (e.g., part of a transaction name, agent name, etc.)
  2. Click the [Magnifying Glass].

Method 2: Advanced Search

To use the Advanced Search:

  1. Click [Advanced Search].
  2. Enter one or more criteria.
  3. Click [Search Transactions].

Method 3: Filter

To use the Filter option:

  1. Click [Filter].
  2. Enter one or more criteria.
  3. Click [Filter Results] to find closed transactions based on the available filter options.

View All Transactions

All lists will suppress closed transactions by default. To view all transactions:

  1. Click the [View All] link to display all transactions (including closed transactions) at any time.