Understanding DocuSign & Paperless Pipeline

Use DocuSign within Paperless Pipeline to send signature requests and automatically receive signed docs back in Pipeline.


You can use Pipeline's integration with DocuSign to easily send signature requests from Pipeline and automatically received signed docs back in Pipeline.

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How It Works

Once your DocuSign account is connected to Pipeline, you can send signature requests for documents from transactions, the Unassigned page, and the Reference page. 

As soon as your requests are completed, the executed documents will automatically return to the Unassigned page in Pipeline. You can also import other documents from your DocuSign Inbox to the Unassigned page.

Who Can Use It

Anyone with a DocuSign account connect to DocuSign in Pipeline to send signature requests and receive signed docs.

Connect DocuSign & Paperless Pipeline

Make the initial connection to DocuSign from the Integrations area of your Personal Profile.
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Use DocuSign & Pipeline

Send Signature Requests

Send signature requests for documents. Once your requests are completed by signers, the signed documents will automatically return to Pipeline.
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Receive Signed Docs

After signers complete your signature request, the executed docs will automatically return to Pipeline's Unassigned page.

If you have other docs to import from DocuSign, you can import them directly from your DocuSign Inbox.
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