Track Outside Referral Commission

Paperless Pipeline's Commission Module was designed to track commission for in-house transactions. While not directly supported, you can track commission earned from outside referrals using the workaround described in this article.

Add a Referral Transaction

  1. Add a transaction for the outside referral, and assign the referring agent to the transaction.

Learn how to assign agents to transactions here →

You can create a Transaction Label for referrals. This way, you can easily filter for your referral transactions on reports. Learn to create and use custom transaction labels here →

Manage Commission Earned from Outside Referrals

To manage commissions earned from outside referrals:

  1. From the referral transaction you created, click [Manage Commissions] on the left menu.
  2. Complete the steps on the resulting Manage Commissions page.

Step One: Escrow / Title

This section can be left blank.

Step Two: Sale Info

  1. For Sale Price, enter $0.
  2. For Commission, select the $ option and enter the total amount of referral commission.
  3. For Referral Commission, enter "100%," and check the box next to, [This is an in-house referral].
  4. If applicable, enter a Franchise Fee amount.
  5. Click [Calculate & Continue].

Step Three: Broker / Agent Commission Disbursement

There will be no commission to distribute in this section.

  1. Delete the amount in the Unit field and leave it blank. This ensures that the system doesn't count this towards your unit production.
  2. Click [Calculate & Continue].

Step Four: Fees & Deductions

  1. Delete any agent fees that were automatically applied to the agent. You can collect agent fees later from the referral commission, if needed.
  2. Click [Calculate & Continue].

Step Five: Referral Commissions

  1. Start typing the name of the agent receiving the outside referral commission, then select their name from the resulting list.
  2. In the box for the Agent's Share of Referral Commission, enter the agent/broker commission split.
  3. Collect any required agent fees and deductions.
  4. Click [Calculate & Continue].
  5. Click [Save Commissions].