Agent Fees

Agent fees are fees paid to the brokerage from an agent's commission. Once agent fees have been set up by a master admin on the Agent Fees page, those agent fees can be applied when managing commissions on transactions. 

Manage Agent Fees

Master admins can easily manage agent fees on the Agent Fees page.

To get to the Agent Fees page:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner then [Admin / Settings].
  2. Select [Agent Fees] from the Financials section of the left menu.

Only master admins can view and manage agent fees.

Add Agent Fees

To add agent fees:

  1. Go to the Agent Fees page →

  2. For each fee, type the fee name in the Fee Name column.
  3. In the Default Fee Amount column, enter the standard amount for the fee. The amount you enter here will be inserted for that fee when managing commissions on transactions. You can change the amount during that process for any individual transaction, if needed.

    If the agent fee varies from transaction to transaction, leave the fee amount blank.

  4. Choose [%] or [$] to specify whether your default amount will be based on a percent or dollar amount. 
  5. If you selected the [%] option, select the fee percent basis in the next column to specify the value on which to calculate the percentage. 
  6. Click [Save Settings]. 

When managing commissions on transactions later, default fee amounts will auto-populate but can be updated or deleted as needed.

Delete Agent Fees

To delete agent fees:

  1. Go to the Agent Fees page →

  2. From the Agent Fees page, remove the Fee Name that needs to be deleted.
  3. Click [Save Settings].

Apply Agent Fees

Once agent fees have been set up on the Agent Fees page, each fee can be charged to agents in Step 3: Fees & Deductions when managing commissions on a transaction. At that point, you can use the default fee amounts or update or delete each fee amount as needed.

To view the percentage basis set for a fee, hover over the fee's [%] option.

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