Agent Fees

Enter the different types of agent fees payable to the brokerage out of an agent’s commission. Fee amounts are optional. You will have the option to apply these fees when managing commissions on transactions. 

As of 4/2/17, the "Generate CDA" option has been renamed to Manage/Update Commissions


Access Agent Fees

Master admin can easily set up agent fees on the Agent Fees page. To access the Agent Fees page:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner then [Admin / Settings].
  2. Select the “Agent Fees” option from the Financials section of the left menu. There, you can manage various types of agent fees.
  3. Click [Save Settings].

Set Agent Fees

Leave the editable fields blank if agent fees vary from transaction to transaction.

If the fees are regularly the same fee across most transactions, enter the fee amounts in the fields.

Once the various fees have been established, they will be available to apply to an agent. Specify those fees within a transaction on the Manage Commissions page.

Specify Agent Fees

When managing commissions, the third step is to split the commission between brokerage and agent.

Fees (and their default dollar amounts) previously set up on the location will appear for each agent of a transaction when managing commissions. There, you can directly use the default fee amounts or change them as needed.