Emailing Docs & Notes from Transactions

Learn how to email messages and docs directly from a Pipeline transaction to internal and external recipients.


Expand the Notes / Email Section

To expand the Notes / Email section:

  1. From the Transaction page, click [Note/Email] just above the list of documents.

Compose Email / Note

  1. Enter a subject. If you leave this field blank, Pipeline will automatically use the transaction name as the subject. If you type something here, the transaction name will automatically be appended to it.
  2. Enter a message or select a saved message template. Selecting a saved message template will instantly populate the message and subject fields with your previously saved values. Before sending, you can revise the message as needed. (Learn more about Managing Reusable Note/Email Templates here →).
  3. Type in or select your recipients. Alternatively, drag and drop email addresses of contacts into the external recipients box.


Select additional options from the Options section:

  1. Select your privacy options. Click Make this note private to make a note visible only to note sender, internal recipients, and admins. Uncheck the option to make the note visible to anyone who can see the transaction.
  2. Optional: Attach the transaction's coversheet by clicking the Attach the transaction's coversheet checkbox.
  3. Optional: to attach docs to your message, check the yellow boxes next to the desired docs.