Creating & Managing Reusable Note/Email Templates

Save time by reusing frequently sent messages using the Message Templates feature.

Short Version: 1) Open the transaction. 2) Click "Email/Note". 3) Compose the message and select its recipients. 4) Check the option "Save this message as a reusable template". 5) Name the template for later recall. 6) Click "Send".

Save a Template for Reuse

To save a message for later reuse as a template:

1. Go to the transaction and click [EMAIL/NOTES] just above the list of documents.

2. Compose your message.

3. Select "Save this message as a reusable template" from the Options section.

4. Name your template.

5. Click [SEND].

Reusing Saved Message Templates

Saved message templates will appear in the [Saved Message Template] dropdown list whenever you're sending a new message.

1. Select a template to instantly populate the message and subject fields with previously saved values.

2. Review and revise the message if needed and attach relevant docs.

3. Click [SEND].

Managing Message Templates

Create, edit, and delete existing templates from the email template management area.

Watch this 45-second video to learn how to manage email templates