Delete Received Emails from Transactions

Master admin can delete received emails and their corresponding notes from transactions.

Delete an Email from Received Emails

To delete an email from Received Emails:

  1. Navigate to the transaction.
  2. Click [Received Emails] from the left menu.
  3. Click on the email you would like to delete. The email will expand allowing you to review the body.
  4. Click the [X] at the bottom of the email to delete.
  5. Confirm the deletion.

Delete an Email’s Corresponding Note on a Transaction

To delete an email’s corresponding Note on a transaction:

  1. Navigate to the transaction.
  2. Hover over the note to be deleted and click the [X] that appears to the right of the note.
  3. Confirm the deletion.

This ability to delete emails and corresponding notes is only available to Master Admins. To learn more about Master Admin permissions, see: Master Admin Permissions → 

Received emails are part of a transaction's audit trail. We recommend that you only delete an email if it was sent in error.