Can't Add User - Email Address Already Exists

This article explains the "A user with that email address already exists" system error.


When trying to add a new user to your account, Paperless Pipeline returns the error: "A user with that email address already exists."


The user's email address already exists in Pipeline either under your account or another account that uses Pipeline (typically the user's previous company).


  1. If you'd like to use the same email address, have this user contact their old company to request that they be deactivated from their Paperless Pipeline account. Once they deactivate the user, you will be able to use that email address for a user on your account.
  2. Have this user send an email to stating which company they used to work for and which company they work for now. This email should come from the user's same email address that you want to reuse for them. Then we will deactivate them for you.
  3. Use an alternate email address for this user in order to create their account.