Arizona Brokers Transaction Logs

This article explains how to separate transaction numbers from MLS IDs for use in Transaction Logs mandated by state regulations.

Arizona Brokers

Arizona brokers are required to keep a log of all rental, listing, and sale transactions. Each transaction must be given a unique transaction number by the brokerage. Sometimes transactions have multiple numbers.


If a company has a listing, the listing will have a transaction #. Then when it goes into contract, it must be assigned another transaction #.

Since Pipeline only includes one transaction # field, brokers may have to input multiple transaction #'s into that single field. 

If multiple numbers separated by a forward slash (/) are entered into the "MLS or Transaction Number" field (e.g., 282773/L072399/P0237779), Pipeline will smartly present them in separate columns on the downloadable spreadsheet of transactions. You can then sort and organize the spreadsheet for use as the company's Transaction Log.

Transaction Log Sheets

Here's an example of a transaction log. The downloadable spreadsheet eliminates the need for brokers to create their own logs like these: