Agent Commissions Report

The Agent Commissions report provides agent commission figures, including sales volumes and commissions, for the report period you specify.

Download an Agent Commissions Report

To download an Agent Commissions report:

  1. Go to the Reports page by clicking [Reports] from the top menu. 
  2. Click [Agent Commissions] from the Financials section of the left menu.
  3. Start typing the agent's name then select the agent when they appear in the dropdown menu.
  4. Choose your desired Closing Period range from the dropdown menu. By default, Agent's current fiscal year is chosen.
  5. Click [Download Report].
Agents can download their own personal commissions report. Learn how →

Read the Report

To read the downloaded Agent Commissions report:

  1. Open the document from the saved location on the computer.

The following sample report displays the type of information contained in the agent personal commission report.