Searching, Filtering & Sorting Transactions

The Power Search is located at the top of every page and lets you search specific fields such as Agent Name, Contact Name, the More Info field, and more.


Power Search

The Power Search is located at the top of every page. The search field will automatically search Agent, MLS, buyer, and seller fields. So if you’d like to search in one of those fields, simply enter your search criteria then click the search icon or Enter on your keyboard.

  1. Click inside the search box to activate your options.

To search in a different field, use the search options that appear below the search box when you click in it. For example, to search in the Contact field, select Contact then enter part of a contact's last name or email address.

To access old transactions like those closed or expired, use the search and filter options described below.

Quick Search

To use Quick Search:

  1. Choose [Quick Search] to search by address, agent, or MLS #.

Advanced Search

To use the advanced search:

  1. Choose [Advanced Search] to search by status, close date, and expiration date.


You can also filter transactions by location, status, and checklist.