Distribute commission to in-house referring agents

Learn how to distribute commission to an in-house referring agent. 

Watch this 40-second video to learn how to distribute commission to in-house referring agents:

Use this feature only for transactions where one of your agents is referring a client to another one of your agents. Learn more here:  Track Referral Commissions payable to outside brokerages ➞ 

On the Sale Info section:

1. Fill in the Total Referral Commission field as a % or dollar amount.

2. Check the “This is an in-house referral” box.

Fill out referral fields on a CDA

On the Referral Commissions and Other Payables section:

3. Search for the in-house referring agent by typing their name.

4. Enter the amount of commission the referring agent should receive as a % or dollar amount.

5. Charge any fees and account for any deductions for the referring agent.