Understanding the Tasks Page

Tasks are items on checklists. They represent assignments that need to be completed during the lifecycle of a transaction. The Tasks page tracks all overdue and upcoming tasks from across all your transactions.

Tracking Tasks on the Tasks Page

Checklists items that have been added to a transaction and have a due date, can be tracked on the Tasks page. To navigate to the Tasks page:

  1. Click [Tasks] from the top navigation menu. From there, you’ll see all checklist items that have a due date and that you have visibility to.

  • Tasks are sorted by due date, with the most overdue tasks appearing first.
  • Tasks with red due dates are overdue.
  • Tasks with yellow tasks are due soon.
  • Tasks with gray due dates are due in the future.

Checklist items without due dates will not appear on this list.

Syncing Tasks

Keep track of upcoming tasks with your preferred calendar app by clicking the link for iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar. It may take several hours for new tasks to appear on your external calendar the first time.

Learn more about how to sync your tasks with calendars here →

Sync times may vary but generally occur every couple of hours.

Searching, Filtering, and Sorting Tasks

Task filtering, searching and sorting allows admins to efficiently manage tasks for themselves and their agents. Click [Search], [Filter] or [Sort] at the top of the Tasks list then enter or select the desired options. The resulting list of tasks will be displayed below.

Managing Tasks

Assigning Tasks / Setting Task Visibility

Learn more about setting task visibility / assigning tasks here →

Daily Reminder Email of Upcoming Tasks

A reminder email containing a list of upcoming (due within the next 2 days) and overdue tasks is sent daily. To disable the daily reminder email:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner then "Personal Profile".
  2. From your Profile page, uncheck the box next to [Receive daily email with upcoming tasks].

If you don't see that option on your Personal Profile page, you don’t have permission to disable the reminders. Contact your admin for more info.

Viewing Your @ Tasks

To view tasks where you have been @mentioned: 

  1. From the Tasks page, click [Your @ Tasks]. This will display tasks containing any of your @ ID’s.

Learn how to Highlight a person's task by @mentioning them here →

Viewing Agents Assigned to a Task

To see who is assigned to a particular task:

  1. From the Tasks page, hover over [Agents]. This will show which agent(s) are assigned to that task's transaction.

Using Tasks as Custom Fields

This webinar covers how to set up and track lead sources in Paperless Pipeline, including the various ways to manage and report on them once they've been applied.


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