Problems Opening PDF Documents in Chrome

This article addresses problems faced when trying to open PDF documents in Google Chrome web browser.

PDF Reader is Not Compatible with Chrome

As of Chrome's September 1st, 2015 release, it no longer supports using Adobe's PDF Viewer to view PDF docs. This problem will impact anyone using Chrome to open PDF documents across any service (including Paperless Pipeline).

If you're having problems opening PDF documents from Google Chrome, it's likely because Adobe PDF Reader is no longer compatible with Chrome. Once your Chrome browser updates to the latest version, either:

  1. Chrome will start using its own native PDF viewer. If this happens, you may not even notice, and if you don't experience any problems, simply continue business-as-usual. If you experience any problems opening documents via Chrome, we recommend switching to Firefox.
  2. Chrome may download your PDF docs when you click them (instead of opening them automatically in a viewer). If this occurs, we recommend switching to Firefox until Adobe releases a viewer that is compatible with Chrome.