Managing Checklists on Transactions

This article will show you how to customize a checklist on a transaction. Ideally, we recommend customizing checklists at the template level before they are added to transactions. But you may also customize a checklist directly on a transaction, as described in this article.

How to Customize Checklists on Transactions

Collapse and Expand Checklists

Once a checklist has been added to a transaction, they can be collapsed and expanded by clicking the plus [+] or minus [-] icons.

Rearrange Checklists

You can rearrange checklists by dragging and dropping them to a different position.

Admin Checklist Customization Operations

Admin with permissions to manage checklists can perform more checklist customization operations. 

Set Visibility

To determine who will be able to view a task:

  1. Hover over a task and click the [Eye].
  2. Select the appropriate visibility option and click [Set Task Visibility].

Visibility settings determine a tasks users are able to see on their transactions. If such tasks have due dates defined, users will see them on their Tasks page and also receive daily emails notifying them of their overdue and upcoming tasks. Learn more about setting task visibility here →

Edit Tasks

To edit a task on checklists:

  1. Hover over a task and click the [Pencil].
  2. Make the desired changes.
  3. Click [Save].

Remove a Task from a Transaction

To remove a task from a transaction: 

  1. Click [X] next to a task.
  2. Confirm by clicking [Delete].

Remove a Checklist from a Transaction

You can remove a checklist from a transaction by clicking [X].

Edit the Due Date on a Task

To edit the due date on a checklist task: 

  1. Click the [Calendar].
  2. Decide whether you want the due date to be an absolute due date (like April 12th) or a relative due date which is a due date that is relative to certain trigger activities. 
  3. To set an absolute due date, click [Absolute Date], then select the desired date. 
  4. To set a relative due date, click [Relative Date]. 
  5. Enter the appropriate values to build your date rule. 
  6. Click [Set Date Rule]. These date rules will be resolved into actual dates whenever the date for the defined trigger activity is present on the transaction.

Add a New Task

To add a new task on a checklist: 

  1. Click [Add doc name or task]. 
  2. Type a task. 
  3. Click [Save].

Mark a Task as Completed

To mark a task as completed, check the box next to the left of a task. This will also update the completion percentage of the transaction.