Issues Connecting to DocuSign Account with Multiple Users

This article will help troubleshoot issues connecting Docusign to Paperless Pipeline when multiple DocuSign accounts are associated with one email address.


A user is having difficulty connecting their Paperless Pipeline account to DocuSign when multiple users and/or account numbers are associated with one Docusign login.


Follow these steps to resolve the connectivity issue:

  1. Log into DocuSign.
  2. Click the [Question Mark] in the upper right corner of the DocuSign homepage. This will open a new tab in your browser which takes you to the DocuSign help site.

  1. Log in to support by clicking the [Log Into Support] button. If you are already logged in to support, click the profile button in the upper right corner.
  2. In the flyout menu that appears, select [New Case].
  3. In the Case Subject, type in: “Link my accounts for API purposes”.
  4. In the Description, type in: “Please link my accounts <1st_Account_Num> and <2nd_Account_Num> for API purposes” (replacing <1st_Account_Num> and <2nd_Account_Num> with your own DocuSign account numbers).

  1.  Once DocuSign informs you the accounts have been linked, Log in to Paperless Pipeline and connect to DocuSign →

If problems persist, email us at