Understanding Admins

There are two main classifications of admins in Paperless Pipeline: master admins and location admins. A Location Admin may also be designated as a primary location admin. These three classifications are described in the following article.

Master admins

A Master Admin has full permissions and access to data across the account. A Master Admin is different from a Location Admin or other admin staff who are users with specific admin-level permissions (see the Location Admins section below).

Master Admin permissions are reserved for users who have:

  • been trained in admin functions of the system
  • have authorization to access all data (all transactions, docs, locations, etc.)
  • ultimate accountability for all parts of the account

Besides being able to perform all actions and view all data, a Master Admin has exclusive permissions to the actions outlined here: Master Admin Permissions →

An account must have at least one Master Admin but may have more if warranted.

A current Master Admin or the business owner must authorize the addition or removal of another Master Admin. Email us to request Master Admin changes on the account: help@paperlesspipeline.com

Location admins

A Location Admin is a user who has the "View All Transactions" permission in a location. Besides being able to view all of the location’s transactions, this permission informs the system that this user is an admin staff for that location.

A Location Admin can be granted other admin-level permissions according to that user’s roles and responsibilities (e.g., reviewing docs, fully managing checklists, etc.)

A user who has the "View All Transactions" permission in some but not all locations will only be treated as a Location Admin for the specific locations.

A user with the “Manage Users and Locations” permission can turn more users into Location Admins by granting them the "View All Transactions" permission. Learn more about Setting User Permissions →

Primary location admins

A user who has the “Make this user the primary administrator for this location” setting checked is considered the Primary Admin for that location. This has two effects:

  1. System generated emails sent to any user in that location will come from the Primary Location Admin’s email address.
  2. The Primary Location Admin will be listed as the “Manager/Location Admin” on the dashboard of users in that location.

A location may only have at most one Primary Location Admin.