System Requirements

Following are recommended browsers and the minimum system requirements for Windows / Mac users.

Paperless Pipeline Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Apple iOS, Android, Linux, any other desktop or mobile operating system with this minimum configuration:

  • Desktop and laptop computers: 2 GB RAM or more, Mobile devices: 1 GB RAM or more
  • 1GHz CPU or faster
  • Broadband internet connection (4 Mbit/s download or faster, 1 Mbit/s upload or faster)

Supported Web Browsers:

  • Google Chrome (version 49 or higher)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 42 or higher)
  • Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher)
  • Safari (version 9 or higher)

To keep your data secure, we recommend that you keep your web browser up-to-date. From time to time, we will discontinue support for older web browsers that have been declared insecure.

Paperless Pipeline may work fine on systems other than the ones listed above. However, if you are experiencing intermittent or connectivity problems, we highly recommend ensuring that your computer meets the above requirements.