Receive Notifications when Documents are Added to Transactions

Admins can choose to be notified via email whenever an agent adds a document to a transaction.

Subscribe to Notifications

To subscribe to these notifications:

    1. Click [PERSONAL PROFILE].

    2. Check "Receive notification when agent adds document"

    3. Click [SAVE] to complete the process.

Subscribe to Notifications

Email Notification Triggers

Now, whenever an agent adds a doc to a transaction, you’ll receive an email notification. When admins add a doc, anotification email willnot be sent.

The email notification will be triggered whenever a document is:

  • Uploaded directly into a transaction
  • Assigned from Unassigned docs to a transaction
  • Broken apart on a transaction
  • Merged on a transaction

This feature is available to master admins and admins with the “View All Transactions” permission. Learn more about permissions here: Setting User Permissions >>