Import Transactions into Pipeline from Other Systems

You can import your transactions from another system by uploading them as a CSV file into Paperless Pipeline. This article shows you how.

Download a sample spreadsheet

1. Click [TRANSACTIONS] from the top of any page.

2. Click [IMPORT TRANSACTIONS] from the left menu.

3. Click the link on the right to download a sample spreadsheet and learn the fields needed for the  import.

The column names need match the names in the sample spreadsheet, but they can be in any order. You can import up to 50 transactions at a time, but never more than your monthly plan allows.

Download a sample spreadsheet

Import your custom spreadsheet

1. Once your spreadsheet is saved and ready for import, return to Pipeline’s import transactions page and click [CHOOSE FILE].

2. Find your spreadsheet and click [IMPORT SPREADSHEET].

Import your custom spreadsheet

If there are errors preventing one or more of the transactions from being imported, a message will appear in red at the top of the page alerting you to download a spreadsheet containing the errors encountered. If any errors are encountered, none of the transactions will be imported.

3. If errors were encountered, download the spreadsheet and view the errors that appear in the rightmost column, make the corrections needed, and try importing again.

When the transactions have been successfully imported, a confirmation message will appear in the green section at the top of the page.