Find Your Maildrop Address

Short Version 1 - Find your general maildrop address: 1) Open the Unassigned Docs page. 2) Locate your maildrop address right under the page header.

Short Version 2 - Find your maildrop address for a specific transaction: 1) Open the Transaction. 2) Locate your maildrop address for this transaction right under the Transaction's name.

Locate an Unassigned Docs Maildrop

Each user has their own unique transaction maildrop addresses and Unassigned Docs maildrop address so that the system will know from which user an attachment is coming. To find your Unassigned Docs maildrop address:

  1. Click Unassigned.
  2. View the maildrop address listed near the top of the page.

Locate Transaction Maildrops

To find your Transaction maildrop address:

1. Visit any transaction's page and view the maildrop address listed on the line below the transaction's title/address.

Each person has their own unique transaction maildrop address, even for the same transaction.


Q: Is there a way to change a maildrop address?

A: No. The system generates those addresses based on certain internal IDs that allow us to effectively and securely determine which user sent in those docs by email. The only thing that can be changed is the 4 four digits of that address. We can change those to some other 4 digits for each user.

Q: What are the most common uses of maildrops?

A: Most of our users program their Unassigned doc maildrop address into their scanner one time. Then they don't have to remember the address; their scanner does. This works for all scanners that support direct emailing of scanned docs. Other users add the maildrop address to their email's address book so they can easily look it up by a name such as "Pipeline Maildrop".