Delete Received Emails from Transactions

A Master Admin can delete received emails and their corresponding notes from transactions.

To delete an email from Received Emails

1. Navigate to the transaction.

2. Click [RECEIVED EMAILS] from the left menu.

3.  Click on the email you would like to delete. The email will expand allowing you to review the body.

4.  Click the [X] at the bottom of the email to delete.

5.  Confirm the deletion.

To delete an email’s corresponding Note on a transaction

1. Navigate to the transaction.

2. Hover over the note to be deleted and click the [X] that appears to the right of the note.

3. Confirm the deletion.

Note: This ability to delete emails and corresponding notes is only available to Master Admins. To learn more about Master Admin permissions, see: Master Admin Permissions >>

Received emails are part of a transaction's audit trail. We recommend that you only delete an email if it was sent in error.