Customize Transaction Statuses

This article describes how you can create custom transaction statuses to match your company's transaction management workflow.

Add a new status

1. Click [ADMIN/SETTINGS] to access the Admin page.

2. Click [TRANSACTION STATUSES] from the left menu.

3. Click [ADD STATUS].

4. Type the status name, choose a category, and click [ADD STATUS].

Edit a status

To edit an existing status:

1. Click the [GEAR ICON] next to an existing transaction status.

2. Select [EDIT STATUS].

3. Make the desired changes.

4. Click [SAVE] 

Deactivate a Status

When you deactivate a status, all existing transactions will retain the status but it can no longer be applied to any new transactions. If there are no transactions using a deactivated status, it will be removed. To deactivate an existing status:

1. Click the [GEAR ICON].


3. Click [Deactivate] to confirm.

View transactions that use a status

View all transactions that use a status by clicking the transaction count to the right of the status.