Customize Transaction Statuses

This article describes how you can create custom transaction statuses to match your company's transaction management workflow.

Add a New Status

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner then "Admin / Settings".
  2. Click [Transaction Statuses] from the left menu.
  3. Click [Add Status].
  4. Type the status name, choose a category, and click [Add Status].

Edit a Status

To edit an existing status:

  1. Click the gear next to an existing transaction status.
  2. Select [Edit Status].
  3. Make the desired changes.
  4. Click [Save].

Deactivate a Status

When you deactivate a status, all existing transactions will retain the status but it can no longer be applied to any new transactions. If there are no transactions using a deactivated status, it will be removed. To deactivate an existing status:

  1. Click the gear.
  2. Select [Deactivate Status].
  3. Click [Deactivate] to confirm.

View all transactions that use a status by clicking the transaction count to the right of the status.


Q: Which statuses get backed up in the Monthly Backup?

A: Inactive transactions should be assigned a status that is under either the Closed, Fell Through or Auto Expiry transaction status categories. Transactions with statuses in those inactive categories will get backed up during the subsequent monthly backup (and they will also no longer show up by default on transaction lists)

Q: Who can create new custom statuses?

A: Only master admin can create, change or add new statuses.