Commission & Reporting Module: Getting Started

Get powerful commission reporting right inside your Paperless Pipeline account.

How to activate this module on your Pipeline account

Learn more about Pipeline's Commission & Reporting module here >>

Note: You must be a master admin or owner of record for your company to request activation. We will contact you back for verification of your request.


Q: I don't see the Generate CDA option on the left panel of my transaction. What's wrong?

A: Check this:

  • Have you asked us to activate the reporting module on your account yet? See above, if you haven't.
  • Have you set up the CDA configuration on the location in which that transaction resides? If you haven't, see the first video at the top of this page.
  • Have you already generated a CDA for that transaction? If so, the Generate CDA option will no longer be available. In order to generate a new CDA on that transaction, first delete the Commission Disbursement Authorization doc from the Financial Docs section of the transaction. Once you have deleted it, the Generate CDA option will be available again when you reload the transaction.