Can I Download Backups of Previous Months?

Question: Can I download backups of previous months?

Answer: The last month's backup is available for 30 days after the end of that month

After that, there's a cost for generating past backups. The cost is $100 per four months of backups.

We also offer an affordable ongoing Archive-Only Plan for $20/month for users who wish to retain online access to their existing data without actively using the service. This Archive option is offered for the convenience of companies that don't want to download and store their data backups on their own premises every month. If you plan on utilizing this $20/month option (if you ever decide to cancel your normal Paperless Pipeline account), you do not need to download offline backups every month. If you spend a lot of time downloading and safekeeping your monthly backups (particularly, when your backups are very large), we highly recommend relying on the Archive Plan if you ever cancel your normal service with us.