Breaking Apart Docs

Short version: 1) Locate the doc. 2) Click the Gear next to it. 3) Select "Break Apart". 4) Specify the page ranges and their names. 5) Click [Break Apart] at the bottom.


Break Apart Docs

  1. Go to the doc and click  the gear then [Break Apart]. You can preview the doc directly on the page to remind yourself where you’d like the page-breaks to occur.
  2. You’ll need to specify the page ranges for the break. In our example 18 page document here, the first ten pages are the Listing agreement, the next four are “addendum 1” and the last four are “addendum 2”. In this case, we’d specify pages 1 through 10 as Listing agreement, pages 11 through 14 as “addendum 1” and pages 15 through 18 as our “addendum 2”.
  3. Confirm or update the permission categories. The permissions categories will default to the categories of the original doc, but you can change them if needed.
  4. If you anticipate re-using these same page ranges to break apart more documents, you can check the [Save This as a New Template] checkbox to be able to reuse the configuration again later. This can be especially helpful for large break apart jobs.
  5. Check whether you’d like to delete the original document after break apart, then click [Break Apart].
  6. Pipeline will break apart your document into the segments you specified.

Use a Break Apart Template

So some time has passed and you again have a transaction with a similar break apart configuration to the one you previously used.

  1. From the new doc, click the [Gear] then [Break Apart].
  2. Select the template you saved in the past and click [Go].
  3. The template will be populated with the saved specifications. You can further customize the specifications to fit this particular break apart.
  4. Once you’re comfortable with the specifications, click [Break Apart].